About Us


This Blog is all about easy art and drawing tutorials. You can draw easily with our stepwise guide in our blog as well as we provide videos tutorials that make it a lot easier for you to draw anything easily.

Especially, this blog is focused on how to draw for kids, all arts and drawings are targeted for kids to learn easily.


About the owners of this blog, we are a team of two founders of easydrawingidea.com.

1.Rijan Shrestha

Rijan Shrestha

I am a Professional Graphics Designer as well as a Drawing Teacher and Youtuber. 

2.Saroj Baniya

Saroj Baniya

I am a Professional SEO Expert, Blogger and Youtuber.

We both are trying to provide our best results to our users. We are trying to improve by 1% on every new article.

The article, tutorial frequency: 2 to 3 every week.

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