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How to Draw a Frog Step by Step for Kids

Frogs are amphibians who are known for their jumping skills, croaking sounds, bulging eyes and slimy skin. They are small in size and find near ponds. In this tutorial, we are learning how to draw a Frog for kids

In this tutorial, we will show you step by step drawing of a Frog for kids. Especially this tutorial is for kids and beginners.

Art Materials & Equipment

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Pencil Color
  • Eraser (Erase If Made Mistake)
  • Sharpener (To Sharp Pencil)
  • Compass (Alternative)

Video Tutorial

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Steps To Draw A Frog

We have a video tutorial also so you can either go with the video tutorial and the guide below. Here is a short demo which describes today’s tutorial. Follow the steps below to easily draw a cute frog.

how to draw a frog step by step
Steps To Draw Frog

Draw Oval

how to draw a frog step 1
Step 1

Draw an oval shape as shown in the image. You can even use a compass or any circular object to draw a circle and curve it a bit roughly. We are using a pencil to draw a rough part.

Draw Outline

how to draw a frog step 2
Step 2

Now, add two half-circles at the top for making ears and also draw a body outline as shown in the drawing above roughly.

Draw Outline of Frog Face

how to draw a frog step 3
Step 3

Similarly, again draw the frog’s head part as shown in the drawing above fairly. We are using a marker or a pen to draw the fair part.

Draw Frog Body’s Outline

how to draw a frog step 4
Step 4

Again, draw the outline of the frog’s body as in the image above fairly.

Erase All Rough Part

how to draw a frog step 5
Step 5

Now erase all the rough lines as in the image above.

Draw Eyes and Smily Mouth

how to draw a frog step 6
Step 6

Similarly, now draw charming eyes and a smiley face of a frog as shown in the figure.

Draw A Leaf

how to draw a frog step 7
Step 7

At last, draw oval leaves where our cute little frog is sitting in it and make another oval in the stomach of the frog as in the image.

Coloring a Frog

After the drawing of a cute Frog is completed we move forward with coloring the cute Frog. For coloring, we had chosen some basic colors.

We colored the whole body of the frog with light green color. And then use dark green on the leaf where our frog is sitting. The we colored skin color on the cheek. And finally, we fill the black color on the eyes of the frog. You can fill the color according to our wish too.

Color Details:

  • Light Green
  • Dark Green
  • Skin Colour
  • Black
how to draw a cute frog
Drawing and Coloring a Frog

Final Image of a Frog

After coloring, we get a beautiful cute frog. You can use a pencil color (we made it digital).

how to draw a cute frog
Drawing a frog

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Great Job 

Finally, we draw a small frog and colour it. I hope you find our tutorial easy and simple.

This is how you can draw a frog easily with a stepwise tutorial for kids. Comment below if you find our tutorial helpful and suggest “NAME” if you have any requests or you have any problems while drawing it.

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